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# NWTV - Kratstapelen

Wanneer? Wed 16 Aug 13:30
Toernooiformaat? 1v1
  This competition / activity does not require subscription. Gather at the specified location at the specified time!

Try to stack the crates as high as you can during this CampZone favorite, Crate Stacking! The goal of crate stacking is to create the largest tower of crates in the shortest amount of time.

This game is played one contestant at a time. One player stacks the crates, and climbs up on them, while one of our admins hands the crates to them. The climbing player gets safety gear and is attached to a rope by a professional. The stacker has to stand on top of the crates at all times, and is not allowed to keep his balance by holding on to the safety rope. As soon as you or the tower falls, it’s game over!

You have 15 minutes to stack as many crates as you can! Stackers of the highest tower in the least amount of time will be rewarded with some sweet prizes.

Signing up on-site with the admin, full = full
Format: 1 at a time
Location: Activity field
Time: Saturday August 12, 13:00 PM

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